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Inside and Outside Lighting

The installation of effective lighting both inside and outside of your property can change the way that you use that space. What might once have been a dark corner can now be opened up into the perfect space to relax in. Access to your property in the dark can be made much safer with a

Security System Installation and Setup

Whether you require a completely new security system or are looking to upgrade an existing one, we can provide the necessary skills and equipment for the job. This is not only applicable to the traditional hardwired systems but also applies to wireless ones too. In today’s environment, everything is wireless, and we are seeing the

Computer Networking and Upgrading

Computer network distribution issues are now common. These are often solved by upgrading to CAT 6 cabling to your router/hub network. CAT 6 is the special connection or “computer jack” that looks similar to a telephone jack and is placed in a specific location enabling your internet to work effectively. What this essentially does is

Panel Service Upgrades

With the number of devices in the average home increasing, electronic demand for properties is becoming a growing issue. Any electrical system will need a main panel to break down the power supply to individual branch circuits. Branch circuit requirements generally start at around 15 amps and can go as large as required for any